May 31, 2012

The chic - the sneak peak

          Should I say delightful? O, you can see it! Nadja - a very stylish girl. More photos in other stylizations - very soon.
        And this wonderful chair? (purple color!) - photographed by courtesy of the "living" store in Neuchatel. There are really amazing things! Look at
P.S. This is the PORTRAIT MOONLIGHT SESSION III: "Once upon the time".

May 30, 2012

Bon voyage, Papi!

     This photogenic family wished to take family pictures for their dad who is going away to South America.      I believe it will be a nice surprise for him.
     By the way - look at pretty, sweet face of little Mia. Just full professionalism in posing!
P.S. This is the FAMILY MOONLIGHT SESSION I: "Family album".

May 27, 2012

Sweet caramel

       Very delicate, almost transparent skin, unusually bright hair, soft skin and the thick, stretched pull - I like this combination so much. Aldona, you're beautiful!

May 21, 2012

Someone to love

    These boys and this cat - I just don't know who is having here more fun! :-)

 P.S. This is the MEMORIES MOONLIGHT SESSION II: "I believe in yesterday".

May 18, 2012

Kitchen story

         Charming couple - in a stylish kitchen. He just came back from the work. But she was waiting. With a cup of tee.

 P.S. This is the LOVE MOONLIGHT SESSION II: "The chemistry of love".