July 26, 2012

By, by Neuchatel...

     It was a great pleasure to photograph these sweet kids: Aenea and Matéas. Unfortunately, it was their last play at the courtyard of Neuchatel's castle - now they are living in... Canada. 
     Soap bubbles, ribbons, flowers, balloons and chocolates - all these thing. Huge fun. And brother-sister love. Sweet.

July 23, 2012

Watches which can talk

     When we met each other, she asked: "What is time for you?" 
     It looks like she loves time. She created unique watches - watches, which can speak. They can tell you of course the time (no matter: you are going to meet your love, or to give a speech in the business center), but they will also remind you what is the most important in your life. Don't you believe? Have a look at the site of Delance wathces: www.delance.com. Delance watches are called talismans, and even "taliswoman". 
     Since I met Giselle, I remain under her spell - she is intelligent, brilliant, very successful woman (she is the Woman of the Year of the American Biographical Institute). And at the same time she stays warm, friendly, open - and incredibly feminine. 
      Apparently, it looks like time loves her either. It's hard to believe, but Giselle has teenage grandchildren... The real beauty is untouchable by the time.
P.S. This is the MEDIA MOONLIGHT SESSION M: TIME magazine cover 

July 20, 2012


Taken a few years ago, but this is still one of favorite pictures of my boys.

July 18, 2012

Summer time

July 12, 2012


   Her grandma said: "Zoe is a gift". This is sure. I can add: she is also very photogenic and very, very nice, warm and polite girl.

July 10, 2012

Extraordinary dancers - Piast

     Beautiful, beautiful people, full of grace and charm - well, dancers. It was extremely pleasant to shoot them - they pose very professionally. And those smiles!
 This is a Polish group dancing traditional Polish dances (national and regional) - oberek, mazurek, kujawiak, polonez.  More about them on their website: www.piast.ch