What I offer is Custom Photography - which means that the most important in my work is you. Your feelings, your time, your expectations. Your photos will be unique - as unique are you, yourself.
         I always try to incorporate all the ideas, dreams and visions of my models - and only add to them my experiences and skills. That means that I do not ask simply "cheese" and I press the shutter button. You can expect something more - a lot more.
      I just can repeat after Professional Child Photographer: "Custom photography is about finding someone who will photograph your family, give you devoted 1:1 attention without worry of who is next ‘in line’ or the feeling of a crowded portrait studio. Custom photography is more of a luxury than your entry level cookie cutter chain experience".
  I offer many packages at different prices. For complete pricing list please email me:

        Moonlight schedule is often booked several weeks in advance, so please email/call early for your choice of date and time.

           Session fee includes the following:
  • pre-session consultation and planning of the theme, location, decoration, etc.;
  • photo shooting at your chosen location and time (evenings and Sundays are welcome);
  • edition and post processing of digital images;
  • an online gallery for minimum 1 month;
  • preparing a CD and  delivering it to you.

   Small Medium Large

     In almost every category there are three options. The difference is in time of shooting, the complexity, and the number of received images. And of course - at a price.


     The most simple option, but sometimes it is exactly what you need: a few good pictures made in one place. However, simplicity doesn't have to be always traditional.
      It can be also a good option for your pets, things you like especially - maybe a new car? Perfect as a souvenir pictures. Great introduction to larger Moonlight Sessions.
      There are: 5-10 images in digital version, chosen from about 50 taken during a 30-minute Moonlight Session. Digital correction of selected photos. Each additional photo - 10 CHF.
     In this option we can change the place or clothes, as we have more time reserved for shooting. You can also count on my help, if you want to fine-tune your look a bit. 
    Great choice for everyone who expects a series of photos from the session. Ideal option for a child and family - also if you think about making a little book with your own pictures.
      There are: 13-17 images in digital version, chosen from 100-150 taken during a 60-minute Moonlight Session. Digital correction of selected photos. Each additional photo - 10 CHF.
     This is something really special - real photographic banquet! Not only for people which like unusual photos, but also for those who are looking for an adventure. It's like making a movie - we have a script, a movie plan, decorations and costumes. You can be whatever you want: a model, pin-up girl, firefighter, countess, alpinist, Indiana Jones or even Bugs Bunny - at least for the duration of the Moonlight Session.
     Ideal option if you want to order a bigger album in book version and if you want to have a big variety of portraits. Perfect solution for models and all who would like to try a metamorphosis.
      There are: 20-30 images in digital version, chosen from 300-500 taken during a 2-5 hours Moonlight Session. Digital correction of selected photos. Each additional photo - 10 CHF.

      For special request - larger projects, such as weddings, big events, etc.

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Every session has three main parts:
  1. pre-session consultation (by phone or personally) - I would like to get know more about you and your expectations to make photos really perfect and your time nice;
  2. on-location shooting (different time for different packages) - after the session you can choose best shots for edition (on average about 200-600 photos are taken per full session), I take as many photo’s as necessary to give you a really good choice;
  3. post-edition and delivering to you images on a CD/DVD (high-res and in some packages small size for the web) - I always like to upload photos personally, but other forms are acceptable either.

     All images made during Moonlight Sessions are copyright protected. They may not be reproduced without written consent from Moonlight Magdalena Simm Photography. Moonlight reserves the right to use some images for web and marekting usage (like promotion materials of photograph activity, including brochures and photographic competitions), especially on the Moonlight blog.