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In July 2013 I left french speaking part of Switzerland and have started a New Adventure in Indonesia. 

Currently I am living on Java Island, in Surabaya city. I speak Polish, English, French and Russian (but sometimes not perfectly - excusez-moi, mes amis).

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Some useful questions - and even more useful answers :-)

What is the Moonlight style?
It is Lifestyle Photography - natural, bright and full of life. I like showing details, love close-ups, but mostly I'm interested in emotions and relationships between people. I love a small depth of field and natural light. I like telling stories. If you prefer studied poses and need to have everything perfectly sharp and in focus - probably a photo studio, where you can control external conditions, will better meet your needs.

Can I choose the nature of my photographs?
Absolutely - and it is good to think about it before a session. How would you like to see yourself on my portraits? - seriously, happily, romantically, etc...

Can I have pictures in black and white version?
Black and white, sepia, glamour, with hazy look, natural look, very bright - and every styles you like. Just inform about it before a session, please.

What should I wear?
Your clothes will affect the reception of portrayed persons: for the Media Session is better to choose more formal clothes; for the other sessions the choice is much bigger. You can prepare several sets - I can help you to select the best one. But I always suggest: stay with solid colors, preferably in a light or dark shade (color strongly affects the nature of pictures). Avoid plaids and stripes. For family portraits, it looks great when everyone is wearing similar colors and styles. 

Any tips on appearance?
Make your hair as good as you can. It doesn't mean that you must immediately arrange a meeting with a hairdresser. Just wash them, make nicely and before the shooting - brush and smooth. And before "before" - simply sleep enough.

What about make-up?
Some make-up is always good - the powder is the most important, but prepare yourself like you do normally. No needs to change your habits (of course this point is rather not for men). In L option make-up is offered in the price.

Should I prepare anything else?
I like things and little decorations. They always catch our eyes and make pictures more interesting. You can prepare something which will make you more intriguing or which show your personality - it might be a favorite brooch, hat, pin, scarf, but also a plant, fruit, sculpture, a toy from childhood. Actually: everything. In M and L options I offer Moonlight decorations (plenty of them). Perfect solution is to hire things from Moonlight Partners - they are really great!

I imagine such a picture...
I'll be happy to hear if there are absolutely specific pictures you want - i.e. detailed-shot of your beautiful earrings, a portrait of your children kissing each other, etc. You can also prepare pictures which you like and would like to repeat (it can be also paintings) - the Internet is indispensable here. I will be shooting a lot of different images, but want to make sure your wants for the session are known, as well!

I hate my scar - can you do something with this?
All selected photos will be retouched - I always remove blemishes and dark circles under the eyes. No need to ask for it. However, editing is always subtle and ultimately invisible. But if you wish to change something more strongly, for example, completely remove this scar which you don't like - just let me know. There are also some photographic tricks which can help with a double chin, a bit too big nose, short legs - all those things which we all don't like too much.

Where do we hold the session?
Your home and your garden will be always perfect. You can also select other beautiful places - there is a lot around us. For outdoor images, please plan on an early morning or late afternoon time frame - the best time is the "golden hour", about an hour before sunset.

When can I see my images?
Your image previews will be ready in few days. I will create a private Picasa Album for your session - at the beginning photos will be raw, completely without treatment, color correction and in a small size. But I'll show you all the photos taken during the session and let you make your choice. Peacefully and without haste.

When will my portraits be ready?
Once you make your decision, your final photos will be ready in approximately 2 weeks. This time depends on the amount of work which pictures require (eg advanced retouching). After this time in your album you will have only perfect portraits - you are welcome to share this gallery with anyone you wish. The gallery will remain available for minimum one month (usually much more longer).

What will happen next?
A few photos from the session I post on my blog - sometimes they are not the same pictures that you choose, so please let me know if you do not want to publish some. If you wish - some photos will be published also on Facebook.

What can I do with pictures from my CD?
Many things: you can print the pictures in any useful format, including posters, cubes, photo gadgets, etc.; you can publish printed version in any place of wish, you can make collages from printing, you can make photo books – for this purpose there is a permission for cropping, making b&w style, framing, etc. There is only one condition: private purposes.

May I publish the pictures on Facebook?
If the photos come from the Media Session - yes. But Moonlight gladly put pictures on Facebook. You can tag them, and then they will appear on your profile - as your own.

Can I order more portraits from my session in the future?
Of course! All of the images from your Moonlight Session will be available for minimum one year.