You have a boutique with interesting clothes? Or maybe you sell nice lingerie, jewelry, orfancy little things that I could use during photo session? Or perhaps you run nicely furnished restaurant or hotel? Write to me!

     In return I offer advertisment on my blog, during Moonlight session and on Facebook. You can also get some pictures to use for your own marketing purposes.

Living création d'intérieur - votre partenaire et expert pour une décoration d’intérieur personnalisée. Choix de luminaires originaux, de rideaux soyeux et de matières nobles. Embellir, illuminer votre intérieur et votre extérieur, notre priorité. Stores, moustiquaires, tapis, parquets - création de nouveaux espaces et conseils en aménagement d'intérieur, découvrez notre magasin, nous vous accueillerons avec plaisir.
living création d'intérieur, rue des Sablons 38-40, 2000 Neuchâtel,  tel. 032 725-84-85,

“The Delance is audacious, erotic, feminine and powerful. It is the symbol of love in all of its aspects. A symbol of the creative power of women.
With its soft lines and delicate curves, the lady watch Delance subtly symbolises the values that women hold dear: Life – Harmony – Spirituality.
The diamond is the universal symbol of life. The spiral at the zenith represents water, the moon, the feminine. The stone at the nadir represents fire, the sun, the masculine.
The resulting sign of infinity binds the masculine and feminine together in universal harmony.”
Delance Swiss Watches, route principale 201, 2532 Macolin, tel. 032 323-64-01,,