May 18, 2013

Fleeting, fragile moments

P.S. This is the MEMORIES MOONLIGHT SESSION (a part) L size: "Once in a Lifetime".

May 15, 2013

Cortège de la Fête de la Jeunesse

      Parade of the Festival of Youth (Neuchatel, 2011), in which I had the great pleasure to attend. And if you're wondering who is this hunk (one of these older once, of course), I hasten to say - it's Gaëtan, and his Swiss rock band playing music for kids. But I still like the most the drummer - well, just look at his expression, wow!
      And - last but not least - so great teacher of my younger son. Madame Myriam, thank you for everything you've done for us, for your smile, kindness and great teaching job !

P.S. Gaëtan is going to be in Neuchatel also this year - during Festi'neuch! (30.05-02.06).

May 5, 2013

Little vendor

     Last days are very intense - I will be leaving Switzerland soon (so sorry for everyone who was planning Moonlight Photo Session on May!). A week ago I was at the exploratory trip in my new home country, Indonesia. Very busy days (house hunting - brrr), but on the last day I was able to see two traditional Indonesian open-air markets: food market and bird's market. The photo of smiling girl is one of my favorites. At the beginning very shy, she hid herself in the stall when I asked for permission to make shooting. So first I made a portrait of her bolder sister and then... she smiled to me! And this smile is just everything. Thank you very much, little seed's vendor!