photographs are almost 
able to stop time
keep feelings
to help our minds 
that which our heart
can never 
My favorite one! For more information please look at Boudoir page. 
Must have for every family. No doubt!
The best time to schedule a session is during the 7-8 months of pregnancy. Future dads and older siblings are warmly welcome. 
Newborn sessions from the first days of life. The best are the two to three first weeks. Infants have that unique look and usually sleep a lot and sleep deep. The best place for these sessions is a nice bedroom or a quiet corner in the garden - a baby and a young mother must feel comfortable with their surroundings.

Childhood goes by in a blink, doesn't it? For sessions with toddlers I suggest to discuss with your Superman/Princes. They can have great ideas - you might be surprised! It is worth to choose a place which will highlight the character and temperament of a kid. Colleagues and friends can be really helpful during this session. 
Sweet reminder from engagement or any happy day of couples in love.  
Great for every occasion. Your portraits can look very traditional, or completely crazy - as you will wish. 
A perfect souvenir for every teenager: to commemorate the end of the school year, a great friendship, or ... purchasing a "jeans of my dreams". 
Pictures for professional/commercial use: CV, business cards, websites, avatar on social networking sites (Facebook, LinkedIn), mailing lists, etc. - also in publications as newspapers, books, Internet services. In these pictures you will look like a pro in your field. The assumption will be a formal photo session, normally held inside the building (well, unless you're a gardener).
Ideal for Children Birthday Parties, Family Events, Baby Showers, etc. Now you can really focus on how your child blows out the candles, or how your guests have a fun, not - "Where is my camera?!" 

      Every offer is individually tailored to your needs. Sessions can be organised in any place of your choice, to emphasize the nature of portraits: the outdoors, coffee shops, gardens, lake side, hotels or your apartment. 
      Also for special decorations used during sessions - I can find them for you. For ladies I offer make-up, and for Boudoir Session - content of my magical, boudoir chest.

*Lifestyle Photography is a style of photography which aims to portray real-life situations in a controlled setting. Lighting is bright, airy and natural-looking. There are many commercial applications including magazine editorial and advertising usage. (WIKIPEDIA) Lifestyle Photography is photography that captures people with an improved and more opulent life experience. This could be shots of people on holiday, eating out at a fancy restaurant or simply playing golf at a resort. Photos like this are used for promotions of lifetyle products and services such as hotels, restaurants, day spas etc. A lifestyle is a characteristic bundle of behaviors that makes sense to both others and oneself in a given time and place, including social relations, consumption, entertainment, and dress. The photography which takes these factors in account is lifestyle photography. (WIKI ANSWERS)