letting women to adore their bodies 
- it sounds like a mission
and it's kind of

 What is Boudoir Photography? And what is femininity, sensuality and real beauty? 

      For me, Boudoir Photography is what every woman would like to have - maybe as a wall-picture in the bedroom, or maybe as a fragrant packet hidden in a dressing table. They are pictures, which she would send to her beloved man, with a trace of her mouth on the back. And which every man would love to have - this is for sure. It's pictures, which she would look at after twenty years with unfeigned admiration. They are pictures which can make her confident in her beauty. 
    I love watching people. I love watching women - hence the Boudoir Photography is my favourite. In every woman I see something beautiful - and I emphasize this. This whole ritual: choosing clothes, scenery and light. Sometimes I add make-up, a new hairstyle, and together we look into my boudoir chest for shiny beads, ribbons, perfumes and feathers. It's great fun, always! 

      And you know? I have a magic crystal inside my camera. And whole-hearted admiration in my eyes. So it is why the women on my photos look truly beautiful as of course they really are. Because after all - I am a woman, too.

   Do you remember that little girl? 
In mum's high heels, 
gazing at the shiny beads on her necklace. 
Maybe you were also stealing from a dressing table, 
her fragrant sweetly scented lipstick 
- that sensual redness attracted you 
and was a bit scary at the same time. 
The powder smell of the puff. 
Forbidden perfume. 
Soft touch of lace on the lingerie..
Remind yourself of these feelings. 
Feel how nice it is to be a woman. 

   Keep those memories
Go back to them
Show your beauty
You are worth it