June 16, 2012

Sweet sixteen

     Sixteen years old - a wonderful age. You can everything. You can be whoever you wish. You can be a child and you can be an adult.
      Nadja is just in this great period - she is natural and open, flirtatious, sincere and curious of life. Simply - adorable!
     Her loving mom gave her a session as a gift. We borrowed decorations, clothes, we were changing makeup and places of shooting. We all had a huge fun! 
     And I can't decide which Nadja I like more - an elegant and chic (black and white version here),  romantic and subtle or maybe just a teenager?
      Youth ... You can be whoever you wish - even at the same time.
P.S. This is the PORTRAIT MOONLIGHT SESSION III: "Once upon the time"
DECORTIONS: living création d'intérieur and Moonlight